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After a six year hibernation, I hope to bring my blog back to life with more regular entries.  So what have I been up to?  I’m in the process of creating a new website.  It, too, is long overdue, but I’ve happily had a 4-year, steady stream of commissions keeping me from it.  Here’s the list:

  • an 8 x 4 foot Indiana Limestone bas-relief for My Favorite Pet veterinary clinic in Vandalia, Ohio.
  • a life sized bronze portrait figure of Paul Flory for the Western & Southern Tennis Open’s Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason, Ohio.
  • a 4 x 4 foot cast stone relief portrait of Neil Armstrong for the University of Cincinnati.
  • a bronze portrait bust of Dave Allen, music director for Elder & Seaton High Schools and Saint Williams Cathedral in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • a one-and-a-quarter times life sized bronze bust of General Alvin Ungerlieder for the city of Carbondale, Pennsylvania.
  • a cast stone bust of author Frances Trollope for the Mercantile Library in Cincinnati.
  • a cast stone miniature replica of a Harriet Beecher Stowe bust to serve as the annual Freedom Writers Award for the Mercantile Library in Cincinnati.
  • a 12-foot tall stainless steel abstract piece for Community First Solutions corporate headquarters in Hamilton, Ohio.
  • a life sized bronze running back for Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati.
  • an Indiana Limestone eagle for the Walnut Hills High School class of 2015.

In addition to all that I’ve kept up with bronzes, carvings, and plaques that I’ve been selling through the 5th Street Gallery.


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This summer has been busy with a lot of opportunities in sculpting as well as the start the teaching of sculpture classes. John completed several bas-relief sculptures for the Reds Hall of Fame, the City of Montgomery, the Alabama Military Hall of Fame, the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame, and the ATP. He spent a little over 2 weeks in September at the Vandalia, Ohio Stone Carving Symposium creating a sculpture for that city from an eleven thousand pound block of limestone.  It is called “Inward and Outward: All in All”. ( See photo.) He just completed the sculpture  the “David Belew Legacy Award” for the Hamilton Community Foundation in Hamilton, Ohio.  And his bronze, “The Awakening”, created for Sensus, a Hamilton, Ohio company, will be unveiled at their facility on November 16. 

John Leon offers classes in stone and wood carving, clay sculpting, and clay sculpting from a model.  Contact or call 513-777-1862 for details.

Sculpture Classes start in May 2010

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I am offering a variety of sculpture classes from my studio in Sharonville, Ohio, starting in May.  Call 513-777-1862 or email for questions not answered below.  I will value your input to help set the schedule for the clay classes.

Stone and Wood Carving will begin Saturday May 15 from 9:00 to 1:00.  I’ll teach you how to carve with hammer, chisels, rasps, and a few other tools.  Beginners will work with Indiana Limestone, an excellent carving medium.  Experienced students can use any wood or safe stone.  We’ll start with a clay model, preferably, or a drawing.  At the end I’ll show you how to mount the finished sculpture to a base.  In between you’ll learn about carving methods, and sculpture and art principles, in general.  If demand is high enough I may offer a second session during the week.  Cost is $30 per session or $95 for a packet of 4 sessions.  Student must have their own tools.

Sculpting with Clay.  I will conduct several classes in clay sculpting starting the week of May 10.  I have not set the times yet as I will conform to student interests, but I anticipate Wed. evening 6-9, Thur. morning 9-12, and Thur. afternoon or evening as likely time slots.  There may be others.  We will work with oil-based clay (plastilene).  Depending on student interest I may offer classes on working from the nude model, the portrait bust, bas-relief, and/or general sculpting. I’ll teach how to build an armature (the support structure for the clay), how to use various clay tools, and how to approach your chosen subject matter.  $30 per session or $95 for 4 sessions.  Students must have their own tools and armature supplies.  I will have clay for sale at store-beating prices.

These classes will teach you to make a sculpture.  The clay we use cannot be fired and never hardens, so if you want to preserve your work in a permanent medium you will have to make a mold from it and cast it.  Therefore, every 3 or 4 months I will offer a Mold Making and Casting class to teach those skills or I can direct you to mold makers (including me) who can be hired to do the work for you if you are not interested in that aspect of sculpting.  This is the route to having your work cast in bronze if you desire.

~ by John Leon on April 8, 2010.

The Fitton Show is up and running.

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My newest show is up and running at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton, Ohio.  It looks great thanks to Cathy Mayhew, the gallery director who set it up.  There are about 35 of my sculptures along with a similar number of quilts (fantastic and varied works of fiber art, to be more descriptive) by 14 fiber artists.  The opening was well attended.  It was great seeing old friends and many new ones.  The show will run till Jan. 6, 2010.  I hope you can make it. Let me know what you think.

Upcoming show in November!

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Many thanks to all who were able to make it to my show at Fifth Street Gallery in August – September. I really appreciated the turnout and enjoyed the party.

I just returned from a two week trip to Greece, reconnecting with my roots and my friends and family. We sailed most of the time between nine different islands. It was a great and challenging time. Many thanks to all who helped make that happen for me.

I have a show coming up in November at the Fitton Center. The opening is November 14 from 6 – 8 PM at the Fitton Center in Hamilton, Ohio. The show will remain there until January 6th, 2010. It will primarily be my music inspired works, along with some of the dancer images I have created over the years. Hope to see you there.

All the best, John


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Welcome to my News Blog. I will post any new events or activities here so you can stay up to date on my latest works. Thank you for visiting.


I also have my work displayed at DHR Music Experience, a new guitar shop located in Montgomery, Ohio, three doors north of Montgomery Inn. It’s an honor to display my work among such beautiful instruments, works of art themselves, and in such a classy space. See for details.

My work is also at the Fifth Street Gallery at the corner of Fifth and race Streets in Downtown Cincinnati. This is a co-op gallery, where you get to meet the artists directly since we share the responsibility to run the gallery.  See for details.